What is NASDAQSYPR stock?

The Nasdaq stock exchange market was officially converted to licensed national securities exchange in the year 2006 and it had changed its status too. The Nasdaq stock exchange market wanted to expand the trading to the global platform and to do this it merged itself to the OMX. The security market of the United States was sold by the Nasdaq stock exchange market for about 37%  and the profit they got from this trading was noticeable as they sold the shares of about 21 billion in the year 1981. Moreover, its net growth started improving and has reached 46% in the year 1991 just 10 years after selling the US security market.

What is NASDAQ: SYPR stock?

The NASDAQ: SYPR at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-sypr is also known as Sypris Solutions, Inc. Common Stock and the total share it has is 1.13 dollars which are according to the data mentioned in the report of today which is 14th of August, 2020 and the loss that it has suffered is negative which is -1. 11 dollars which are around 8.87% in total. The exchange which the NASDAQ: SYPR carries is of the NASDAQ – GM and the sector that holds it is the Capital good which is under the industry of the Industrial Machinery or the Components. They have not mentioned their yearly target or even the one year target and the value of the share on the basis of today’s report goes to 1.20 dollars if it is high and the lowest possible value of the share has gone to 1.05 dollar. 788,506 is the volume of the share and the Average Volume Label is defined as the 2,270,480 total in number. The previous close of the NASDAQ: SYPR has gone to 1.24 dollars so far.


The value of the share on the basis of 52 weeks which is almost one year has reached 2.15 dollars as per its high rate and the lowest possible value of the share is 0.54 dollars. The value of the market cap of the NASDAQ: SYPR is very big and they have stated it as 24,079,825 and they have not declared their forward P/E ratio for one year and the EPS which is also known as the Earning Per Share is also in negative as such $-0.14. They have mentioned neither the Annualized Dividend nor the Ex-Dividend Date but the Dividend Pay Date is registered as 9th of January back in the year 2015. The value of Beta in the NASDAQ: SYPR is only one and they have not mentioned their current yield data.  You can check the latest data from the stock market app.

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