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Ain’t Sure What Type of Engagement Ring Suits Best_

You’re ready to propose to your girlfriend, but unsure what ring to get for her. Of course, you want to give her the ring that suits her best. So now you are looking for the best engagement rings in Melbourne that you can give to your wife-to-be. Don’t fret! We’re going to help you find the one you’re looking for.

No person is alike. This only means that the perfect engagement ring for one person isn’t so perfect for the other. The first and most vital thing you need to consider when shopping for rings is her finger type and hand size. This is a critical factor in finding the best engagement ring.

You also need to decide if you want a classic or modern engagement rings. Classic engagement rings feature a simple design with a traditional band. Modern engagement rings, on the other hand, often feature bezel settings. This guide will help narrow down your hunt for the engagement rings in Melbourne.

Here’s Engagement Rings Australia of common finger type and hand shapes and what design to look for each one.

Engagement Rings for Petite Fingers
For petite fingers, you want to match it up will smaller details and understated designs. Round diamond rings are perfect for slim and thin fingers. Cushion diamond rings can accentuate the elegance of this type of finger. Princess cut diamond ring is also a perfect choice. Extravagant can easily be too much for slim fingers so be sure to check out the three minimalistic design for this finger type.

Engagement Rings for Small Hands
Does your girlfriend has a smaller frame and petite hands? Something that isn’t too big or flashy is perfect for this frame. Small hands can make any delicate rings with small stones stand out. If you give something big, it might not fit on the frame. You can check minimalist engagement rings or you can have custom made engagement rings to make sure that you get the perfect fit for your girlfriend’s delicate hands.

Engagement Rings for Short Fingers
If the length of her finger is shorter than normal, the most suited ring is something that can make them appear longer and leaner. Oval cut engagement rings can help you achieve this. You can also check a Pear-shaped diamond ring or even a Marquise engagement ring. All of these can elongate the finger. You would also want to stay away from wide or thick bands to make sure it suits best on your girlfriend’s hand.

Engagement Rings for Thick Fingers
Rings for chubby or thick fingers should be larger and show less skin especially on the sides of the stone. You can consider custom made engagement rings with a high carat diamond so it would have more prominence over the finger itself. Otherwise, you can check out Oval halo engagement rings that give a smaller centre diamond a larger appearance and a more pronounced sparkle.

Engagement Rings for Large Hands
This hand frame can easily take the attention away from an engagement ring if it’s too small so make sure you find a larger stone or a more extravagant one. Halo rings can suit large hands best as it won’t be overpowered by the size of the hand. Be sure to stay away from minimalist engagement rings.

Engagement Rings for Large Knuckles
If your girlfriend has a larger than normal knuckles, you would want to balance out the look by giving her wide or bold bands. Diamond rings that have a more elaborated design suits this shape best. Emerald cut engagement rings also accentuate the ring and balances the whole look. Three stone settings or a custom made one will suit your girlfriend’s hands.

Engagement Rings for Long Fingers
This finger type will give you the most freedom to choose which ring you’d like to give her. You can opt-in for a simple one like round engagement rings. Make a statement with an Asscher cut engagement ring. Cushion diamonds are also perfect for this slender fingers. If you are feeling fancy, a Princess cut diamond ring looks best. Just avoid anything that is vertically cut like Pear, Oval or Marquise engagement ring as it can make the finger look longer.

Engagement Rings in Melbourne
There are many types of engagement rings available and sometimes it can be confusing to shop for one. A lot of things need to take into account to make sure you get the ring that suits best for your partner. If you need personalised advice on what ring to purchase, Janai Jewellery Engagement rings can help you find the best engagement rings available in Melbourne.

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