Energy Healing and the Sacred Art of Transmission

I started learning the key religions of the world, equally modern and ancient. What I started to locate was that there was a simple truth underlying each one of these programs, and these were named the ancient knowledge teachings. I discovered that there clearly was an clever and an exoteric indicating to any or all spiritual paths. Esoteric is derived from the Greek term, eso meaning “within” – that that will be concealed, hidden, secret, inner – or out-of-sight. In the Bible – which can be the truth is a book of the concealed wisdom, the Master Jesus talked of mysteries reserved for disciples which he didn’t offer the public. His public teachings, the parables, were intended to create a fresh dispensation to humanity’s comprehension of a loving father, rather than vengeful

Exoteric comes from the Greek origin “exo” meaning outside. Popular religious teachings which get overtly and publicly. The Religious Church has traditionally stressed the exoteric meaning of their faith, dogma, and doctrine while ignoring the secret area of the Christian teachings.

It absolutely was the esoteric meanings behind my own faith custom that gave me renewed faith, restored wish, and a brand new knowledge of the conflicting communications that prepared religion had shown over the centuries. I started to see that there were different more significant connotations to the written traditions of all key religions. A truth that offered people ways to relate to the cosmic creator within.Initiation - Modern Mystery School - YouTube

Before the last century, the ancient wisdom teachings were only offered to initiates in puzzle schools. These clever instructions were slowly pushed undercover by the increase of the just shaped state religion – Christianity. The old methods were ultimately stamped out through the reign of fear called the Inquisition, and the secret schools got a bad rap. They received brands such as for example witchcraft and “of the devil “.Whatever did not stick to the organization line of the Catholic Church was anticipated, hated, and ultimately killed. If it wasn’t in the Bible, it wasn’t true. The problem was The Bible it self was so manipulated so it lost a lot of the truths that the Master Jesus, since the Christ, had come to provide all of humanity.

Nevertheless the ancient, or ageless knowledge teachings provide a meaning and a purpose alive they describe an even more cosmic knowledge of the great power we contact God that contain referrals to the ancestors “from the stars” which makes sense of the mythology of all religions. And they provide us trust money for hard times, that there surely is indeed a plan and an objective that creates the happenings of the times. The puzzle school convention shows us about how exactly everytime mankind is prepared, a good one or avatar, concerns the planet to give us yet another step on the ladder towards union with cosmic creator. These great teachers start to seem when a important mass has been reached that are prepared for more of The Reality together Age adjustments in to the following Age. Nowadays we are shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

We are in an exciting amount of rediscovery. Today, the secret schools are finding its way back out in to the start, accessible to any or all that are questing for the truth. One school was my very own alma mater, Sancta Sophia Seminary in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Santa Sophia indicates “sacred wisdom “.Energetically, it’s attached in Christo/Sophia, Yin/Yang, a balanced part of the heavenly, integrating the heavenly masculine which is out-pictured during the Piscean age, with the incoming heavenly elegant of the Aquarian age.

Sophia leads people to a greater comprehension of the knowledge that repairs duality. Sophia doesn’t threaten. she only withdraws once we don’t accept her. Inner knowing, that will be her way, is refined and delicate, but has such power that whenever she makes himself identified we sense her correctness and strength.

Reverend Rebecca Nagy could be the founding director of The Wonderful Quest Mystery School, located in Charlotte, NC. She can be an writer, professional audio, master meditation instructor, and spiritual teacher. Her own knowledge with overcoming a spinal injury confirmed her opinion in the genuine and transforming energy of the body/mind/spirit connection.

During the divorce of my parents I came across the bodily and religious therapeutic forces of running. Only release a the pent up energy in a constructive way believed so good. Working turned important in my experience and i’d run 50-80 miles weekly, I joined my colleges cross-country staff and it was good. I was able to manage my tension and anger by heading out on runs. I virtually might run the bad thoughts out until I could work no further or I forgot what built me mad. Then in school I tore my ACL badly and my operating had to come calmly to a halt. Fortuitously by that time I was above the divorce and had usually lower quantities of stress. Still i knew i would want some kind of outlet if not running. Therefore I leaned just how to play a couple various instruments. Hearing audio too, but particularly enjoying it reduces tension and strain for me. I will sit down and perform till I forget much like operating worked for me.

Still another couple years go by and I am working again, now significantly less. Just 30 miles per week. I am however enjoying audio, largely give percussion and traditional bass guitar. Life is good, however have the day to day stress. Searching for modify to create me feel much better I became popular for the west coast. I landed in Oregon and visited to Lid Water where I was introduced to the game of Kiteboarding.

I’ve always taken fascination with sports. Team sports, individual sports, serious activities like skiing and wakeboarding. They’re an excellent enjoyment solution to s-end energy and release pressure from your own life. One term out most sports. You share space with a lot of other people. Snowboarding you share the lift and the mountains with other people. The fitness center you reveal equipment, and organized activities you share jobs to help the staff win. These activities are a lot of fun, nevertheless when I require a tension reliever for an additional bad time I don’t desire to be dogged by my friends, never brain visitors on the slopes. I need a sport like running when I am in need of some religious revival. I like introspecting and highlighting to remove answers to issues in my life. Introspection is easier when you’re able to get inside your own head, which becomes simpler the less persons you will find reaching you. Therefore different sports are great for fun, although not for therapy as much. Enter Kiteboarding.

When I first found a kiteboarder on the water I although it appeared interesting. I went to inquire, and learn how to myself. Initially I flew a kite without any help I realized the fresh energy in the sport. How the entire sport is made around to be able to get a handle on the energy of the breeze within your kite. The ability may be extreme, enough to raise you forty feet or maybe more out from the water. A lot more than operating, greater than a frozen pile top. I thought to myself, WOW. It’s been two years since I have learned how to Kiteboard.

I’m an avowed trainer and wind-nut now. There’s absolutely nothing on earth like the sensation of steering your self over the water beneath the energy of the wind. It is just a free, fresh, normal experience you will remember. Plus it is amazingly therapeutic. You’re by yourself, moving at about thirty miles one hour on the water. The sole noises are your thoughts, the breeze in on that person, and speeding water because it fly’s underneath you. Other folks are on the water, but it is too hard to have close enough in their mind wherever they can be a nuisance. Kiteboarding is really easy and safe that I have excelled at it significantly more than any activity I’ve tried. I haven’t any anxiety about falling over water, and it allows me to enhance forty legs out of the water whenever I want for a chickens eye view back to my problems. But important thing is, I smile before, during, and after every simple session I take. When you, like me, try to find activities that reduce strain and woe, improve physical power and vigor, and give you with your head emotion free and easy. When you tension, and look for produces but are never pleased or are otherwise forced to go ahead, anticipate kiteboarding and then you definitely will understand what it’s to look straight back upon satisfaction.

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