Fat Burning Foods and Recipes – Eat and Stay Thin!

What’s the fun in dieting when all you are allowed to eat is rabbit food? Its no wonder we never stick to our diets! Wouldn’t it be great if we were allowed to eat as much as we wanted, but not pick up any weight? Or better still, lose some of it!

Here are some great fat burning foods and recipes that will allow you to eat when you feel hungry, but will also help boost your metabolism so that you’re losing stubborn belly fat at the same time.

I know you’re probably keen to get to the recipe by Regina Braun(we all know how tough it can be to think of what’s for dinner every night!), but let us start by discussing the kind of fat burning foods you can incorporate into your snacks and meals. Try and include one or two of these foods in every meal and you will be moving one step closer to your ideal weight.

Fat Burning Foods

Beans. There, I said it. I know beans aren’t everybody’s favorite food (well, not mine anyway), so I thought I would get it out of the way first. Beans contain plenty of protein and fibre, so they are great for building muscle and the fibre helps prevent your body from absorbing fat. Of course, the more muscle you build, the faster you will be burning fat too. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body needs to burn to sustain the muscles. Building muscle mass is therefore a great way to get your body burning fat naturally.

Eggs are also packed with muscle building protein, which is why eggs are a favorite food for body builders. Eggs also contain B12 which destroys fat cells.

Dairy products contain calcium – also great for boosting metabolism. Low fat cheese and milk contains plenty of calcium and carbohydrates which also help to keep your body from storing fat. Some people advise only using skim milk, but most dietitians will tell you that not all fat is bad for you and recommend low fat milk rather than skim milk.

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