How To Deal With Endometriosis Back Pain

Endometriosis back pain is by no means a rare occurrence for endometriosis sufferers, both before and during menstruation, and in some cases, the pain can be so very bad concerning render some women totally incapacitated.

In most cases, the endometriosis-linked back pain begins roughly two days before menstruation, and can extend through along the period, but varies in sufferers in both longevity and severity of pain.

Endometriosis risks is by no means rare for the pain to get worse over time, inevitably leading to worrying concerns that the issue could be of a more serious nature, assuming for instance that the pain could possibly be skeletal or muscular related, rather than endometriosis.

In most cases, the aching begins in the low back and can move down to the very best of the thigh via the buttocks. This needless to say may be sciatica rather than endometriosis related, and therefore would want diagnosing correctly.

Sciatic endometriosis greatly restricts mobility, with movement very uncomfortable, affecting one or both legs. Once endometriosis has been confirmed, improvements are distinctly possible by using many and varied endometriosis treatments which are readily available.

So what can be carried out to relieve endometriosis back pain and just do you know the treatment options?

Initially the treatment would be to prescribe pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve mild pain, but these can only provide short term relief options.

Because of the recurring, cyclic nature of endometriosis back pain, the best option is to attack the foundation of the issue, endometriosis itself.

In order to make the best choice of the many possibilities to gain control of endometriosis symptoms, the first stop should be to check with your doctor.

Amongst the options available is treatment to regulate hormones, and surgery involving removal of endometrial tissue, endometrial implants and adhesions. Also effective are birth control pills which control the levels of estrogen, with the added advantage of providing contraception for all those endometriosis sufferers with that requirement.

Another option might be to employ an alternative, all natural method of endometriosis treatment, such as for example acupuncture, a type of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The intention of acupuncture would be to rebalance the body with a specifically made, individual plan to focus on the back pain linked to endometriosis. An endometriosis experienced practitioner is vital if this route is taken.

Endometriosis lower back pain could be serious and detrimental to lifestyle quality, so exploring and utilising alternative treatments might just provide the pain relief had a need to restore normal, bearable life.

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